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1990 titles ---

So You Like What You See Samuelle
Joy in Repetition Prince
Road Less Traveled Sample, Joe
Rizz's interlude Tresvant, Ralph
Do What I Gotta Do Tresvant, Ralph
Type Living Colour
Show Me Hewett, Howard
Rising from the ashes Isley, Ernie
Can't Do Nuttin' For Ya Man Public Enemy
The Boomin' System L.L. Cool J
Sensitivity Tresvant, Ralph
Hippy Chick Soho
Freaks of the Industry Digital Underground
Chocolate Time, The
Pick Up the Phone Jamaica Boys
Mothership Connection Clarke/Duke Project
Love or Lust Wootens, The
Groove is In the Heart Dee-Lite
Elvis is Dead Living Colour
Blondie Time, The
Welcome to the Terrordome Public Enemy
We Can Funk Prince w/ George Clinton
Tokyo Blue Najee
Sometimes I Get Lonely Time, The
She's My Love Thing Tresvant, Ralph
Pride Living Colour
Pandemoneum Time, The
My My My Gill, Johnny
Lady Clarke/Duke Project
Jerk Out Time, The
Incident at 66.6 FM Public Enemy
Gold Digger EPMD
Giving My All to You Gill, Johnny
Time's Up Living Colour
The Blues Tony! Toni! Tone'!
Strung Out Wendy & Lisa
Pit Bulls Clarke/Duke Project
Mothers Eyes Sample, Joe
Mother of Pearl Wendy & Lisa
It's Your World Time, The
Fight the Power Public Enemy
Edutainment Boogie Down Productions
Data Bank Time, The
Brothers Gonna Work It Out Public Enemy
Blackman In Effect Boogie Down Productions
You've Got a Friend Jamaica Boys
Why wait for heaven Wendy & Lisa
Whatever You Want Tony! Toni! Tone'!
Treat Em Right Chubb Rock
The Question of U Prince
The Jungle Comes Alive Jamaica Boys
Still Would Stand All Time Prince
Staring at the Sun Wendy & Lisa
Somebody Else Clarke/Duke Project
Skillet Time, The
Shake It Up Jamaica Boys
Ralph's Rap Tresvant, Ralph
Pollywanacraka Public Enemy
Oh Oh Clarke/Duke Project
Let's Chill Guy
Leave This Off Your Fuc*in' Charts Public Enemy
I'd Rather Be With You Wootens, The
I Can't Stop This Feelin' I Got Prince
Her Guy
Final Count of the Collision Between Us and the Damned Public Enemy
Fight the Fight Living Colour
Feels Good Tony! Toni! Tone'!
Farmers Blvd. L.L. Cool J
Donald Trump Black Version Time, The
Days Gone By Jackson, Paul JR
Can't You Feel Albright, Gerald
Burn Hollywood Burn Public Enemy
Back to Reality Intelligent Hoodlum
Ashes to Ashes Sample, Joe
Around the Way Girl L.L. Cool J
911 is a Joke Public Enemy
100 Guns Boogie Down Productions
Ya Know the Rules Boogie Down Productions
Who Stole the Soul? Public Enemy
We Could Be Together Wootens, The
War at 33 1/3 Public Enemy
Thieves in the Temple Prince
The Ave. RUN DMC
Teddy's Jam II Guy
Stone Cold Gentleman Tresvant, Ralph
Stay Najee
Someone Like You Living Colour
Sky's The Limit Tony! Toni! Tone'!
Skin Tight Tony! Toni! Tone'!
Revolutionary Generation Public Enemy
Reggie Jax Public Enemy
Rated R Tresvant, Ralph
Power to the People Public Enemy
Packet Man Digital Underground
No Place to Hide Clarke/Duke Project
New Power Generation Prince
New Jack Theme Living Colour
My Summertime Thang Time, The
My Old Friend Najee
MurderGram (Live) at rapmania L.L. Cool J
Melody Cool Staples, Mavis
Meet the G that Killed Me Public Enemy
Me Cameo
Mama Said Knock You Out L.L. Cool J
Love's Gonna Get Cha Boogie Down Productions
Love Machine Time, The
Love Hurts Tresvant, Ralph
Jo-Jo Tony! Toni! Tone'!
History Lesson Living Colour
Graffiti Bridge Prince
Girl I Can't Control It Tresvant, Ralph
From the Deepest Corner of My Heart Clarke/Duke Project
Friends in Low Places Brooks, Garth
Finger Prints Clarke/Duke Project
Feels So Much Better Gill, Johnny
Fear of a Black Planet Public Enemy
Elephants and Flowers Prince
Don't Try to Tell Me Wendy & Lisa
D.O.G. Me Out Guy
Cruise Control Najee
Contract on the World Public Enemy
Cheesy Rat Blues L.L. Cool J
Breath Control II Boogie Down Productions
Born in Trouble Sample, Joe
Beef Boogie Down Productions
B Side Wins Again Public Enemy
Anti-Nigger Machine Public Enemy
Always Clarke/Duke Project
7 Dee Jays Boogie Down Productions

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