The list at left includes the NBA players that played in all 82 regular season games.

Certainly some injuries cannot be avoided. Also, a player has no say whether or not a coach will use him in every game.

That being said, playing all 82 games in a NBA season is a feat that is accomplished annually by roughly only 10% of the over 400 NBA players. Toughness counts, so does not getting suspended for any reason, be it on the court or off the court.

The guys listed on the left earned the right to be call PROFESSIONALS.


There was not one member of the LA Clippers, New Jersey Nets, Portland Trailblazers, or Cleveland Cavs that played all 82.

Washington had one player play in all 82 regular season games; 40-year-old Michael Jordan.

Baron Davis played in all 82 for three straight seasons before back and knee injuries kept him to 50 games this season.

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Toughness. Professionalism. Poise.

  1. Alan Henderson
  2. Eric Williams
  3. Walter McCarty
  4. Jalen Rose
  5. Trenton Hassell
  6. Steve Nash
  7. Junior Harrington
  8. Richard Hamilton
  9. Corliss Williamson
  10. Yao Ming
  11. Moochie Norris
  12. James Posey (83)
  13. Al Harrington
  14. John Stockton
  15. Scott Padgett
  16. Mark Jackson
  17. Kevin Garnett
  18. Anthony Peeler
  19. Kendall Gill
  20. Kobe Bryant
  21. Derek Fisher
  22. Michael Jordan
  23. Michael Redd
  24. Darrell Armstrong
  25. Allan Houston
  26. Howard Eisley
  27. Shandon Anderson
  28. Pau Gasol
  29. Predrag Drobnjak
  30. Kevin Ollie
  31. Tony Parker
  32. Bruce Bowen
  33. Jamal Mashburn
  34. Jamaal Magloire
  35. Brian Grant
  36. Amare Stoudemire
  37. Joe Johnson
  38. Allen Iverson
  39. Eric Snow
  40. Morris Peterson

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