Cousins, Isaiah Oklahoma 6'5" 194 PG SR. Isaiah Cousins averaged 12.6 points, and 4.5 assists per game as a Senior. He hit an outstanding 41% from beyond the college arc. ...Cousins really showed growth as a point guard in 2015-16. He raised his assist-to-turnover ratio to 1.91-to-1. Certainly it helped to be throwing passes to the accurate shooting Buddy Hield. ...Cousins also improved as a scorer with each season. His defensive rating was noticeably worse than the Oklahoma team DEFRTG. ...Our final analysis is that Cousins, while still improving, is just not efficient enough overall to be an NBA player at this point. He is athletic, with a 37" max. vert. and he has size for his position. We do think he will be drafted. However, he is not someone we would select. 

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