Davis, Deyonta Michigan St. 6'11" 237 C frosh. Davis is a traditional BIG that does not shoot the three-ball at all. He keeps his game close to the hoop and as a result he shot 59% FG. He is strong on the offensive glass. As of today (06/11/16) Davis is the consensus 12th ranked player in the 2016 NBA Draft. His Defensive Rating is really impressive, especially if you look at how much better his DEFRTG is (90.9) compared to the Michigan State team DEFRTG (95.2). Davis played an average of just 18.6 minutes per game but was able to post per-minute rebounding and scoring numbers that lead us to strongly believe he will really blossom if given more minutes. He averaged 7.5 points, 5.5 rebounds, and 1.8 blocked shots per game. Davis' standing reach is 9'.0.5" (same as Tristan Thompson). ...Davis blocked six shots in 22 minutes in a win over Northwestern earlier this season. He shot 60% from the line. He had slightly more turnovers than assists. Davis was Mr. Basketball in the state of Michigan in 2015. He led his team in rebounding in the McDonald's All-American game (2015). 

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In 1999, the 5th pick in the NBA Draft was Jonathan Bender. We advised, "Draft Shawn Marion."

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