Ellenson, Henry  Marquette 7'0" 242 C frosh. Ellenson was a productive freshman, averaging 17 points and 9.7 rebounds per game for Marquette. He can really rebound. He has a nose for the ball and broad shoulders. He carves out space. ...He shot just 28% from beyond the college three-point line but the stroke looks fine. He hit 74.9% FT in 2015-16. Ellenson had more turnovers than assists. ...His DEFRTG was good in his freshman season (considerably better than the Marquette team DEFRTG). ...What gets scouts excited is Ellenson's mid-range game. He can face-up and get his own shot with a high release point. ...His standing reach is 9'0" (same as Kenneth Faried and Jordan Hill). ...Ellenson would be a lower-tier athlete in the NBA. There is a reason there are no max. vert., agility, or sprint numbers to be found. ...It's not that we don't like Ellenson as a prospect. We just don't view him as a lottery pick. 

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In 2003 the 34rd pick in the NBA Draft was Sofoklis Schortsanitis. We advised, "draft Kyle Korver."

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