English, A.J.  Iona  6'4" 180 SG SR. English was MVP of the 2016 Portsmouth Invitational. He is a three-point shooter that hit on 37% of his 3-pt attempts in his college career. As a Senior, the right-hander averaged 22 points, five rebounds and six assists per game. The competition he faced in the MAAC must be considered. It simply is not as tough a college league as the "power conferences" are. ...35.5" max. vert. (same as Al Horford and Ty Lawson). English ran a 3.28 3/4 court sprint (by comparison, Evan Turner was a tad quicker at 3.27). ...English will need to add strength to compete in the NBA. ...English also played well on the first day of the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago. He certainly is worthy of a look, keeping in mind that the shooting guard position is always the deepest at any given time. 

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In 2012 the 18th pick in the NBA Draft was Terrence Jones. We advised, "Draft Draymond Green."

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