Felder, Kay  Oakland 5'10" 177 PG jr. Felder is the resident hope for the little guys in this NBA Draft. The 5'10" point guard owned the Horizon League in 2015-16. Felder averaged 24.4 points and 9.3 assists per game on his way to being named Horizon Player of the Year. Felder hit on 35% of his 3-pt. tries. He is a career 82% free throw shooter. Playing with Horizon League caliber teammates, Felder posted a 2.7-to-1 assist-to-turnover ratio (impressive!). He owns a 44" max. vert., making him among the elite leapers to ever come out of college basketball. He is left handed. He uses a step back jumper to do most of his damage. Defensively, Felder will be a liability. It's not that he doesn't try hard or do a solid job of harassing his man. It's that he is just so small. His 109.4 DEFRTG (career) is not good. That said, Felder is so quick, crafty, smart, and skilled on offense that I would have no problem selecting him. It will be up to whatever team he plays on to surround him with length, and outstanding defenders that can help to hide him. 

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In 2003 the 39th pick in the NBA Draft was Slavko Vranes. We advised, "draft Kyle Korver."

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