Greene, Brannen Kansas 6'7" 215 SF jr. I could be completely off-base but my take was that Greene never really had the trust of Bill Self. With that in the rear-view, Greene is worth a look due to his size, and scoring ability via the three-ball. Greene shot 42% 3-pt. during his career at Kansas. Greene has a pretty stroke. He made 87% of his free throws. Defensively, Greene had a DEFRTG worse than the Kansas team DEFRTG. That is a question mark for sure. Can he commit to defending as much as he likes to score? Furthermore, can he show that he is willing to turn down some shots, and keep the ball moving? Greene had slightly more turnovers than assists in three seasons as a Jayhawk. ...He was suspended for five games, early this season, by the KU coaching staff. Later in the season he needlessly dunked with the Jayhawks up 16 and the clock winding down. Bill Self called it, "a dick move." ...Greene REALLY CAN shoot. If he can convince NBA folks that he is trustworthy (in interviews), I don't see why he shouldn't get a long look. 

See Greene's jumper.

In 2013, Robert Covington went undrafted. We ranked him 47th.

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