Hield, Buddy Oklahoma  6'5" 212 SG SR. Hield is a skilled scorer that has the potential to step into the NBA and have a positive impact. He can score from the wing with the best of the best. Hield is an accurate shooter that shot a ridiculously good 45% from 3-pt. range and 88% from the free throw line in 2015-16. If he gets a clean look at the basket you have confidence he will nail the shot. Hield led the Big 12 in True Shooting Percentage this season (.662). ...Hield repeated in 2015-16 as the Big 12 Player of the Year. This season Buddy averaged 25 points, 5.7 rebounds, and 2.0 assists per game. He scored 46 points in a game at Kansas (01/04/16). Hield has a quick release on his jumper. Right handed. He does an excellent job of leaking out and spotting up. ...Defensively, Hield is nothing to get excited about. His DEFRTG was worse than the Oklahoma team DEFRTG, which is never a good sign. My other nit-pick of Hield's game is that he had more turnovers than assists in his last two seasons. Hield was born in Freeport, Bahamas. ...Final analysis: Hield should be valued. The NBA is presently ALL about guards that can shoot. Buddy steps into the league as an elite shooter. 

See Buddy go head-to-head w/ Ben Simmons

In 2010 the 2nd pick in the NBA Draft was Evan Turner. We advised, "draft Derrick Favors."

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