Maker, Thon Orangeville Prep 7'1" 194 C 2/25/1997 Thon Maker did not play college basketball. He is a rare case of an international player being old enough to come straight to the NBA Draft fresh out of prep school. Maker is an athletic BIG that tested with the highest "max. vert. reach" (12'3") of any player in this draft. ...Maker's max. vert alone is 36", something you rarely see from a 7'1" player. ...Maker is right handed, and he has good touch. For all the free throw attempts we can gather for him, he shoots 74%. ...He is very fluid in his movements, and he does not lack confidence. Maker claims that he makes 90% of his free throws. He also has made remarks about how he played better than others at the NBPA 100 camp. ...He played in the 2015 Hoop Summit game. ...Maker has a chance to be a special defender. He moves well laterally, allowing him to show and recover. He blocks shots and serves as a goalie. ...His legs are skinny, and his base strength will have to improve to bang in the NBA. ...Maker's hands do not appear to be very good to me in the highlights I've seen. In the small sample size of numbers we have for Maker he is three times more likely to have a turnover than an assist. ...We think Maker is THE single biggest "big swing" any draft team can take. He is blessed with size and athletic ability that is special. Can that be coached up into a basketball player? It's worth a shot in the mid to late first round in our opinion. 

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In 2010, the 20th pick in the NBA Draft was James Anderson. We advised, "Draft Hassan Whiteside."

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