Murray, Jamal  Kentucky  6'5" 201 SG frosh. Murray had a good freshman season at Kentucky. It was good, not great. He is a knock down jump shooter and he is probably a better athlete than he is given credit for being. Murray averaged 20 points, and 5.2 rebounds per game. Some have said that he can play point guard in the NBA. We don't see that AT ALL. He had more turnovers than assists at Kentucky. ...The main attraction in Murray's game is shooting. He shot 40.8% from beyond the college arc. He hit 78% of his free throws. Defensively, Murray appears to just not care as much. His defensive rating was worse than the Kentucky team DEFRTG (by a margin wide enough to give one pause). ...But he sure can put the ball in the basket. And he likes to shoot it. He is confident that he will make the next shot. He attempted more shots (as a freshman) than any other player in the SEC. I foresee him as an NBA starter at the peak of his career but maybe never an All-Star. Others whom I respect believe in him more. 

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In 2013, the 8th pick in the NBA Draft was Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. We advised, "Draft C.J. McCullom."

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