Ndiaye, Mamadou UC Irvine 7'6" 300 C jr. N'Diaye really improved in his time at UC Irvine. Last season he had moments of dominance, raising his efficiency rating to .704, albeit in the not-so-rugged Big West Conference. N'Diaye is just so tall! He changes shots in the paint and he blocks his fair share too. Last season, N'Diaye averaged 12.1 points, 7.2 rebounds, and 2.4 blocked shots per game. He improved his scoring average with each season at Irvine. He improved his free throw shooting with each season, going from 42% as a freshman to 63% as a junior. N'Diaye is an effective rebounder. ...Offensively, his decision making is suspect. He turns it over almost five times for every one assist. ...I have always believed that NBA teams could do a better job with situational players. N'Diaye could be subbed in for any half-court defensive possession and he could have an impact as a goalie or as a distraction to the inbounder. He is so tall - he doesn't even have to jump to dunk. ...I think his improvement in the last two seasons merits a flier on a second round pick. 

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In 2015, the 55th pick in the NBA Draft was Cady Lalanne. We advised, "Draft Cliff Alexander."

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