Niang, Georges  Iowa St.  6'9" 231 PF SR. If Georges Niang was gifted athletically he would be a Hall of Fame player. His total basketball player skill package is ELITE. From his "Hoop I.Q." to his crafty shot fakes, and movement without the ball, Niang is a crowd pleasing player to watch. He averaged 20.5 points, 6.2 rebounds, and 3.3 assists per game as a Senior. He shot 39% 3-pt., and 80.7% FT. His 1.27-to-1 assist-to-turnover ratio is above average for a PF. We think he has to be a stretch four in the NBA due to his below average athleticism. Niang's 3/4-court sprint time of 3.49 seconds is slow compared to most prospects. His max. vert was 31" (same at Matthew Dellavedova, and Jared Sullinger). It seems doubtful to me that Niang can guard on the wing in the NBA. His defensive rating was worse the team DEFRTG for Iowa State. 

Watch Niang's smart game

In 2015, the 60th pick in the NBA Draft was Luka Mitrovic. We advised, "Draft Cliff Alexander."

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