Ochefu, Daniel  Villanova 6'11" 245 C SR. Ochefu was a BIG part of Villanova's run to the NCAA title. He is a dependable low post scorer (60% FG) that impressed us with his improvement throughout his college career. Ochefu averaged 10 points, 7.5 rebounds, and 1.5 blocked shots per game as a Senior. He raised his scoring average with each season. He improved his free throw shooting in the last two seasons to get to 68% FT in 2015-16. The area where Ochefu may have improved the most however is with his decision making. Ochefu finished his Senior season with more assists than turnovers, something he had previously not accomplished. Defensively, Ochefu is excellent. He had the best DEFRTG in the Big East. He also led the Big east in defensive rebounding.  ...Ochefu has virtually ZERO buzz heading into the NBA Draft. I think he should be drafted. Hopefully, an alert NBA team will look deeper at how much better he is in 2016 than he was when he started at Villanova in 2012. 

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In 2015 the 55th pick in the NBA Draft was Cady Lalanne. We advised, "draft Cliff Alexander."

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