Richardson, Malachi Syracuse 6'6" 200 SG frosh. No pick in the 2016 NBA Draft will be more about "potential" than the selection of Malachi Richardson. His freshman numbers alone would give anyone in their right mind pause. He shot only 37% FG (35% from 3-pt.). He averaged 13.4 points, and 4.3 rebounds per game. He had slightly more turnovers than assists. He really LOVES the three-ball. He jacked 224 three point attempts, and only 187 two-point shots. ...Richardson's DEFRTG was worse than the Syracuse team DEFRTG, also worrisome. ...Richardson DOES have upside. His ability to hit three point shots is legit. He owns a 38" max. vert., and his wingspan is 7'0" (same as Derrick Williams and Wesley Johnson). ...As much as we despise comparisons, we just think Richardson comes up as a smaller Wesley Johnson, who still is viewed as an under-achiever. 

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