Labissiere, Skal Kentucky  7'0" 216 C frosh. Labissiere came into his 'one and done' season at Kentucky billed as a sure-fire lottery pick. And while he may be taken in the lottery - it will happen with trepidation from the fan base of whatever team selects him. To put it mildly, Labissiere was underwhelming as a freshman at Kentucky. He was exposed as a non-rebounding BIG that makes questionable decisions with the ball. He averaged 6.6 points, 3.1 rebounds, and 1.5 blocked shots per game in 2015-16. The only skill Skal can hang his hat on right now is the shot blocking. He is seven-feet and athletic. And he has good timing. His standing reach is 8'9.5" (same as Jared Sullinger, and Miles Plumlee).  ...Labissiere attempted just two three-point shots as a Freshman. He missed both attempts. He shot 67% FT. Labissiere had three turnovers for every one assist. Defensively, Labissiere shows promise. His DEFRTG was better than the Kentucky team DEFRTG. ...I think there are too many questions about his actual game (vs. what scouts WANT him to be) to select him in the lottery. I would let someone else take the risk. 

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In 2002 the 53rd pick in the NBA Draft was Tamar Slay. We advised, "draft Udonis Haslem."

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