Webb, James Boise St. 6'9" 199 PF jr. James Webb is a guy that can totally transform his chances to make it in the NBA if he can become a better, more consistent outside shooter. He is athletic enough, without question, to guard NBA wings but Webb shot just .330 (career) from 3-pt. range in college. He made 67% FT. He had more turnovers than assists. When you have more TO's than assists, and you fail to consistently make outside shots, coaches will are hesitant to play you. ...Webb is an excellent defender. His DEFRTG was significantly better than the Boise St. team DEFRTG. Webb is particularly strong on the defensive glass. ...We think Webb has a chance to be an NBA player based on his overall athletic ability. He is close on the shooting and if he takes to NBA coaching - he could be an investment worth the risk. 

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