Whitehead, Isaiah  Seton Hall 6'4" 210 SG soph. Whitehead was the 2016 Big East Tournament Most Outstanding Player. He is a scoring guard with a sturdy frame. He is not going to be bullied despite his youth (age 21). Whitehead averaged 18.2 points (36% 3-pt., 76% FT) and 5.1 assists per game as a Seton Hall sophomore in 2015-16. Whitehead is a TWO-guard in our book. Nobody turned the ball over more in Big East play this season. His 1.45-to-1 assist-to-turnover ratio is not quite PG worthy. And Whitehead LIKES to shoot. He was 2nd in the Big East in field goal attempts. In part due to his hi-volume jacking, Whitehead's FG% is a putrid 37% (career). ...His max. vert. is 35.5" (same as Thomas Robinson and Tony Wroten).  ...Defensively, Whitehead blocked 1.4 shots per game, something you don't see from a guard very often. However, his defensive rating, a better indicator of his fundamental team defense, was worse than the Seton Hall team DEFRTG.  ...Whitehead has the skills. Can he tone down his propensity for one-on-one play? Can he concentrate on playing D? If he can improve his shot-selection which should happen with good NBA coaching, Whitehead should blossom. 

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In 2003, the 40th pick in the NBA Draft was Derrick Zimmerman. We advised, "Draft Kyle Korver."

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