Zipser, Paul  Germany  6'8" 222 SF 2/18/1994 Zipser plays professionally in the German BBL. He is skilled. He was named the league's Young Player of the Year in 2015-16. He has a great soft touch on his shot, and he has a positive assist-to-turnover ratio. Zipser averaged 6 points and 3 rebounds per game (playing just 16 minutes per contest). He shot the three-ball at 41%. He hit 83.9% of his free throws. His DEFRTG is better than his German team's DEFRTG. ...Right handed. ...Zipser is already 22 years old. He carries himself a lot like a seasoned NCAA four-year player. He plays with confidence and maturity. He will be an average athlete in the NBA. He looks capable of fitting in. 

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In 2003, the 48th pick in the NBA Draft was James Lang. We advised, "Draft Kyle Korver."

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