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Encore Lynn, Cheryl
Fidelity Lynn, Cheryl
Got to be Real Lynn, Cheryl
I Got Five On It Luniz, The
Never Leave You Lumidee
Breakdown Luke
Area Codes Ludacriss
Growing Pains Ludacriss
Rollout Ludacriss
Saturday Ludacriss
Southern Fried Intro Ludacriss
You Lucy Pearl w/ Snoop Dogg & Q-Tip
Dance Tonight Lucy Pearl
Everyday Lucy Pearl
Good Love Lucy Pearl
La La Lucy Pearl
Trippin' Lucy Pearl
Ride or Die Bitch Lox, The
Live at the Fever Lovebug Starski
Chief Rocka Lords of the Underground
Uptown Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz
Facts of Love Lorber, Jeff w/ Karyn White
A Walk in the Park Lorber, Jeff
Do What It Takes Lorber, Jeff
Don't Say Yes Lorber, Jeff
In the Heat of the Night Lorber, Jeff
Isla Mujeres Lorber, Jeff
Kristen Lorber, Jeff
Pacific Coast Highway Lorber, Jeff
Private Passion Lorber, Jeff
Punta Del Este Lorber, Jeff
Really Scarey Lorber, Jeff
The Simple Life Lorber, Jeff
Hangin' On A String Loose Ends
Stay A Little While Child Loose Ends
26 Cents Lo-Key?
Been a Long Time Lo-Key?
Don't You Know by Now Lo-Key?
Getcha Girlfriend Lo-Key?
Good Ole Fashion Love Lo-Key?
I Got a Thang For You Lo-Key?
Play With Me Lo-Key?
Sweet On U Lo-Key?
Tasty Lo-Key?
Turn Around Lo-Key?
Elvis is Dead Living Colour
Fight the Fight Living Colour
History Lesson Living Colour
Love and Happiness (live) Living Colour
New Jack Theme Living Colour
Pride Living Colour
Someone Like You Living Colour
Time's Up Living Colour
Type Living Colour
Everything Will B-Fine Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam
I Wonder If I Take You Home Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam
Lost In Emotion Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam
Designer Music Lipps Inc.
Numb Linkin Park
Freestyle (from funkmaster flex mix tape II) Lil Kim
Get Low Lil John featuring Yin Yang Twins
Street Freaks Lewis, Jimmy & the L.A. Street Band
Drowning in your Eyes Lewis, Ephraim
Mortal Seed Lewis, Ephraim
In N Out Levert
My Forever Love Levert
Sweet Sensation Levert
Makeda Les Nubians
Sugarcane Les Nubians
Imagine Lennon, John
Instant Karma Lennon, John
Bundle of Joy LeMans, Tony
Cookie Crumbles LeMans, Tony
Different Kinda Thing LeMans, Tony
Forever More LeMans, Tony
Good For You LeMans, Tony
Itchin to Be LeMans, Tony
Paradise LeMans, Tony
Real Thing LeMans, Tony
ANDORA Leeds, Eric
Isla Mujeres Leeds, Eric
Lines Leeds, Eric
Little Rock Leeds, Eric
The Dopeamine Rush Leeds, Eric
Things Left Unsaid Leeds, Eric
Two Sisters Leeds, Eric
Din Da Da's Doin' It Lazy, Doug
Mr. Nice Guy Laws, Ronnie
Racism Laurence, Paul
She's Gone Laurence, Paul
Sue Me Laurence, Paul
Every Drop of Your Love Lattisaw, Stacy
Love Town Lattisaw, Stacy
Beautiful Girl Lattimore, Kenny
I Want Your Love Larue
Someone to Share My Love Larue
Tell Me Something Good Larue
There's Love Out There Larue
Alibi Lakeside
Anything for You Lakeside
Baby, I'm Lonely Lakeside
Be My Lady Lakeside
Bullseye Lakeside
Fantastic Voyage Lakeside
Given In To Love Lakeside
Given In To Love (live) Lakeside
I Can't Get You Out of My Head Lakeside
I Want to hold Your Hand Lakeside
It's All The Way Live Lakeside
Outrageous Lakeside
Raid Lakeside
Real Love Lakeside
Rough Rider Lakeside
Say Yes Lakeside
Shot of Love Lakeside
Something About That Woman Lakeside
Special Lakeside
Still feelin' good Lakeside
Tinsel Town Theory Lakeside
Untouchable Lakeside
Your Wish is My Command Lakeside
You're Love is on the One Lakeside
Burn Me Up LA. Connection
Come Into My Heart LA. Connection
Get It Up LA. Connection
I'll Find a Way LA. Connection
Jealousy LA. Connection
Promise Me LA. Connection
Shake It LA. Connection
Back In Love Again L.T.D.
Love Ballad L.T.D.
Around the Way Girl L.L. Cool J
Cheesy Rat Blues L.L. Cool J
Clap Your Hands L.L. Cool J
Doin It L.L. Cool J
Droppin' Em L.L. Cool J
Farmers Blvd. L.L. Cool J
Funkadelic Relic L.L. Cool J
Get Down L.L. Cool J
Go Cut Creator Go L.L. Cool J
Going Back To Cali L.L. Cool J
Hello L.L. Cool J
I Can't Live Without My Radio L.L. Cool J
I'm Bad L.L. Cool J
I'm The Kind of Guy L.L. Cool J
It Gets No Rougher L.L. Cool J
Jack the Ripper L.L. Cool J
Jealous L.L. Cool J
Jinglin' Baby L.L. Cool J
Kanday L.L. Cool J
Mama Said Knock You Out L.L. Cool J
MurderGram (Live) at rapmania L.L. Cool J
Nitro L.L. Cool J
Phenominon L.L. Cool J
Rock the Bells (original version) L.L. Cool J
That's a Lie L.L. Cool J
The Boomin' System L.L. Cool J
The Do Wop L.L. Cool J
Rock Berry Jam L.A. Dream Team

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