2000-01 NBA Draft Rankings

This is not a "mock draft". These are player rankings according to how we would pick them.

I believe in heart, and love of the game. I also know that heart and a passion for the game are only part of the equation. You also must have talent. NBA Champions have at least two Superstars. ...Shaq and Kobe. Duncan and David Robinson. Jordan and Pippen.

If you don't have talent it doesn't matter what your chemistry is. I am a firm believer that statistics may be used as a tool to get past certain illusions that humans develop for other humans when evaluating their talent. There is a very fine line. The fact that some players have more flair than others is hard for the human mind to look past. However, does the flashy guy convert free throws, take charges, and accept his role? These "winning" intangibles are too often overlooked.

This listing is made with "all-things considered". We look at a player's efficiency, and adjust for the level of competition he was facing. We look at the strength of schedule he played against. Certainly, Georgetown players that played the "cupcake" Hoya schedule could pile up stats easier than say, Anthony Evans at Georgia - who played the toughest schedule of any Division I team.

We also consider age, maturity, and the current landscape of the NBA position the player is going to play. Does he have a feel for the game? Is he a "Warrior" or a "Poser"? ...Finally, we obsessively read everything written, watch lots video tape, and go ultimately with our own feel for the draft.









Last Name First Name School Ht Wt Projected Pro Position Class Notes
Battier Shane Duke 6'8" 215 SF, PF SR Coach K calls him "the most complete player I've ever coached". First player to win the Naismith Award on both the college and high school levels. Unanimous All-ACC performer. Also Academic All-America. There are not enough adjectives to describe how good he is defensively. He makes big defensive play after big defensive play. He's always in the right place at the right time. Kansas Coach, Roy Williams says "Maybe the most alert and aware defender I've ever seen in college basketball". Solid outside shooter, can also put it on the floor and drive to score. Will never overwhelm offensively. A natural leader with a rare combo of talent and toughness. Consistently is a step ahead mentally. It's uncanny how many times, as a defender, he anticipates what his man is about to do. He'll beat him to the spot - and get a steal, or a block. Offensively, he finds the open man, and uses the glass often to hit bank shots. At his best inside, banging and taking charges. He'll sacrifice his body for the ball. Sometimes spends too much time on the perimeter offensively. Duke assistant, Chris Collins says Battier was the best outside shooter on this year's Duke team. ...By all accounts a solid citizen with a bright mind. I believe he is a better athlete than he is given credit for.
Griffin Eddie Seton Hall 6'9" 225 SF/PF Fr. Early entry candidate bolted Seton Hall after outstanding freshman season. Griffin, originally from Philadelphia, is a tall, right-handed, versatile 3-4. He was the 1999-2000 Parade High School Player of the Year. At 6'9" - he can create for himself with the dribble - although his handle isn't all that. Long, and not afraid to mix it up. He blocks shots at a high rate due to length, quick reactions, and great court awareness. Has an easy three point stroke, can create for himself. Nice midrange game. Has the ability to kick into an extra gear. Speedy for a tall guy. Does not jump that well, but gets good elevation on a hard-to-guard turn around. Despite being "shy" - Griffin got into a fight with a teammate this season - ...Punched his mate (Ty Shine) and gave him a black eye. Still, ...Too much upside to pass up.
Brown Kwame Glynn Academy 6'11" 240 PF/SF   19 years-old. ...Soft touch, handles, a body that is only 4% fat. Should grow to be McDyess like. At 6'11" - his footwork is good but his overall post game is weak. ...He has the finesse game - can shoot facing up - yet he finishes strong in transition. In great physical shape - can run all day. Will block shots due to great length and quick reflexes. ...He averaged 20 points, 13 rebounds, six blocks and three assists last year as a senior at Glynn Academy. Potential is unlimited.
Chandler Tyson Dominguez High School 7'0" 228 C, SF HS 18 Years old. His high school team won three straight California State Championships. ...Averaged 26 pts., and 15 rebounds in his SR season. Also blocked 8 shots per game. Athletic 7'0" player with good leaping ability and dexterity. Runs the floor well. Blocks shots at a high rate. Too skinny to bang in the league. He will need to add beef quickly. Most likely a perimeter player for the first few years of his career- ...He has driven a 1999 Cadillac Escalade since last fall, secured by a line of credit based on his future earnings.
Gasol Pau FC Barcelona 7'1" 220 SF   Pronounced gas-ALL. MVP - in leading Barcelona to the league title ...Reportedly, he has a three million dollar buyout to free himself of his contract with Barcelona. ... A small forward at 7"1", Gasol is a good passer and ball handler, with decent speed, and long arms. He has a feel for the game. ... Averaged 11.4 points and 5.2 rebounds in 23.9 minutes a game showing agility rarely seen in a player seven feet tall. Mature. ArmSpan is 7'5".
Bradley Michael Villanova 6'10" 245 PF Jr. Early entry candidate. Started his collegiate career at Kentucky before transferring to Villanova. Shot an amazing 69% from the field this season. He is a clever player, he passes well. ...Scores when he gets deep - good footwork. Has a feel for the game. Tenacious rebounder, and underrated shot blocker. Not a great perimeter shooter - but will hit a couple beyond 20' just to keep defenses honest. Will need to bulk up to withstand the NBA paint play. Averaged 20.8 PPG, 9.8 rpg, & 2.8 apg. Struggles at the free throw line - shooting just 59% last season.
Randolph Zach Michigan St. 6'9" 270 PF frosh Shot 58% as a freshman in the Big Ten. 2001 Sporting News Freshman All-American, ...Played in 33 games in his only season at Michigan State, recording 23 double-digit scoring games. ... Great hands and agility for a 270 lb. man-child. Already a very crafty, left-handed post player - will really be a load when he grows into his body. Still growing. Has a feel for the game. Boards well. Light on his feet. Tough, mobile and physical - has a soft touch to 12'. He wants the ball, and doesn't hesitate when he receives.
Richardson Jason Michigan St. 6'6" 220 SF/SG soph 20 years old. Unbelievable explosive (like Michael Finley) athlete with NBA body. Right-handed transition finisher with a good, not great, handle. Aggressive defender. Quick. Hits the offensive glass with ferocity. A team player with good hands and unbelievable body control. Dick Vitale calls him a "baseline beauty", ... - he does work the short corner well. Shot the ball well last season - but perimeter game is his weakness. He also missed some clutch free throws in big situations. A former McDonald's High-School All-America - he averaged 14.7 ppg, while leading the team in 3-point shooting percentage (40.3), steals (1.2) and blocks (0.9) last season as they followed up a national championship with a Big Ten title and a Final Four appearance. He is a competitor - which makes him even more attractive. ...His uncle and father-figure, Brian Bowen, will live with him during his rookie year to help ease the early transition for collegiate to pro athlete.
Murphy Troy Notre Dame 6'11" 245 PF/SF Jr. Scorer. Good rebounder. Skilled shooter, averaged 22 ppg, and 9 rpg as a Junior. Two-time first-team All-American. Lefty, utilizes a very good midrange jumper to pile up points. Establishes good position and uses both hands around the hoop. A bit deceptive with his power game. Every once in a while he'll dunk on someone to show you he's more than just a finesse guy. Great free throw shooter. Very fundamentally sound offensively - ready to shoot when he catches. Can help a team by shooting the ball. ...Can take a small guy inside or a bigger guy outside. Could use more elevation on his shot. Will have to get stronger to score as easily in the NBA as he did in college. The elite shot blockers will give him trouble (went 14-36 FG vs. Boumtje, Boumtje at Georgetown). Murphy is the fifth Irish player to score more than 2,000 points. His 2,010 career points leave him 550 behind the Notre Dame's all-time leader, Austin Carr.
Curry Eddie High School 6'11" 290 C   Beefy 6'11", 290 lbs. Soft hands. Widely considered the best High-School basketball player in the country. Many questions for me here… Will weight be an issue? Pretty quick around the basket offensively - knows his limitations. Rarely takes a shot beyond 8'. Boards well. Decent passer. Dominating at the high-school level, ... In the NBA? He's not 7'3", he's 6'11". He is not the next Shaq. That being said, he does run the floor well and finishes plays.
































































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