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1. Chuckii Booker - Niice N Wiild

So many people slept on this one. Chuckii served up one of the funkiest projects of the nineties with Niice N Wiild. This multitalented musician/vocalist came with a well thought-out album. The theme of the CD - despite what the title hints - is that, love heals. "With all My Heart" is a mid-tempo sizzler with Chuckii reminding, via funky walkie-talkie rap, that "Love is Medicine" - The first five tracks blend perfectly together. ..."Games" is a moody, slow, head-nodder, that flows - showing off Booker as guitar man. ..."The Soul Trilogy" - 3 ferociously funky tracks that run together pay homage to The JBs - proving that today's "cats" can get loose without a 'click track'. If you like James Brown - you'll love this! ...Bass player extrordinare, Derek 'DOA' Allen is so funky on "Love is Medicine" and "Soul Trilogy" that one wonders where he got his funk from.


2. Prince & The New Power Generation - Symbol

3. Sade - Love Deluxe

4. Dr. Dre - The Chronic
5. Lo-Key? - Where Dey At?
6. Mo Money Soundtrack -

7. George Duke - Snapshot

8. Chante Moore - Precious
9. Pharcyde - Bizarre Ride
10. Howard Hewett - Allegiance