Ten Albums We Felt from 1995

#10 2Pac - All Eyez on Me

#9 Brian McKnight - I Remember You

#8 Inner City Blues - The Music of Marvin Gaye

#7 Erick Sermon - Bom Digi

#6 D'Angelo - Brown Sugar

#5 DJ Quik - Safe + Sound

#4 NPG - Exodus

#3 Terence Trent D'Arby - Vibrator

#2 Wayman Tisdale - Power Forward

#1 Prince "The Gold Experience" (1995) The Gold Experience by the The Artist formerly known as Prince (that's truly how he was introduced in 1995!), is one of those albums that has tracks that I LOVE, and honestly a few that I always skip. I've always taken the positive view that an album is as good as its best material (rather than an album being bad because of a couple songs that don't appeal to me.) The greatness lies in two five-star tracks: Shhh, and Dolphin. Both songs feature Prince playing with drummer Michael Bland, and bass player Sonny T. We also really enjoy The Most Beautiful Girl in the World, and Gold.