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1. Prince - LOtUSFLOW3R

One of the greatest songs in Prince's expansive catalog finds a home on Lotusflow3r, his 2009 release that was part of a triple-album set (with Bria Valente's debut, and his own MPLSound). Colonized Mind is a rocking slow builder that smolders with Prince's guitar before turning into a sizzle through the combustion of Michael Bland's live drums (I confirmed Michael B. is on drums through the fabulous website, Prince is so talented and so versatile that picking any one style as a favorite in his repertoire is borderline impossible. But... If i had to, I would argue that Prince is never better than when he plays with a drummer of the caliber of Michael Bland, and a bass player with the chops of Sonny T. Colonized Mind is THAT song where all the best elements of the energy of this power-trio meld into perfection. The album, similarly, has an 'out-of-this-world' cover of Crimson and Clover where Prince's guitar solo is among his best ever. We also really dig the songs 4ever, and Love Like Jazz.


2. Maxwell - Blacksummers'night

3. TRV$DJAM - Fix Your Face 2

4. Ryan Leslie - Ryan Leslie

5. Phoenix - Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

6. Ledisi - Turn Me Loose

7. Prince - MLPSSound

8. The Dream - Love vs. Money
9. Bria Valente - Elixer
10. Alicia Keys - The Element of Freedom